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Washington PrayingWhen Christians say “I’m not interested in politics,” or “Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics,” I let them know that I used to find politics quite boring and uninteresting.  I was completely ignorant concerning this subject.  However, when I truly began to seek the Lord and read His Word in my twenties, particularly the books of Kings, I realized something.  Each description of the various kings started out one of two ways, “He did that which was good in the sight of the Lord” or “He did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord.”  The nation was affected with blessings or judgments based upon the king’s description.

As Americans, we the people, are ideally supposed to be the leaders (the “kings”).  Therefore being informed and involved in politics is not only our duty to our country; but for those of us who are Christian, our participation should also be out of love and honor for God.  I began to ask the Lord to give me an interest and understanding of politics, to teach me how to pray for our leaders and to show me who to vote for.

Many Christians believe they are not supposed to be involved in politics or speak out against what’s going on in society.  The world has told Christians that everyone has a right to speak up except for Christians.  They’ve been told it is unloving or judgmental to speak up for righteousness sake. They’ve been told God is not interested in politics or the governing policies and laws.  Sadly, Christians have listened as they cower to their corners in silence afraid to rock the boat or of being labelled intolerant.

Satan convinces Christians that they are somehow holy in remaining silent, that they are doing God’s work by keeping God within the four walls of the church, that more souls could be won if the church would simply be more like the world, that it is intolerant and unloving to speak out against the injustices and unrighteousness of society, that separation of church and state is constitutional and meant to keep the church out of government, etc.  Of course these are all lies that are contrary to God’s Word and to the Constitution of the United States of America!

Satan knows if he can keep Christians quiet, he is free to move about to do his bidding without anyone ever realizing what is happening. He also knows of the power and authority that’s been given to Christians on this earth when they pray and speak forth God’s truth. Is it any wonder he wants to keep our mouths shut?  Can you imagine the damage we can do to his kingdom if we would grab hold of this God-given power and authority?

Christians who say and believe God is not concerned with the politics of America only demonstrate how little they know their Bibles or their history.  Most of the prophecies of the Bible are directed to and against Israel and other nations who were either blessed and/or cursed based upon their political acts and the standards they set forth as a nation.  Historically, the rise and fall of super power nations have been determined by following and/or breaking simple biblical guidelines.  Even the history of America proves that a nation is blessed whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12); because contrary to today’s untruthful teaching of history, our forefathers did in fact make God their Lord. Unfortunately, though, America has since kicked God out of practically every area of society.  Since it seems we are following the same downward spiral as super-power nations that preceded us, where do you think that will land us as a nation?

It’s time we made God the Lord of our nation again.  This can only happen if Christians begin to rise up and do what God called them to do in 2 Chron 7:14.  Intercede for America.  Learn your history.  Humble yourselves.  Pray.  Turn from your wicked ways.  Get involved in politics.  Let go of your traditional political views and seek God about who and how you should vote.  If we want God’s blessings on America again, we must vote in those who are willing to not only represent us but also represent Him!  We have the power to change our nation if we completely submit and surrender to God.  God’s children are the only ones who can truly make a difference in our country.  If we did what we are called to do, God promises to hear from heaven and heal our land.

This page is dedicated to giving Biblical insight into our world and the importance of why we should do all of the things mentioned above.

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