Grabbing Hold of God’s Promises

ReachingGod promised to bring the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey; and He did!  However, when they got there, they had to fight many battles in order to take possession of the land (Joshua 1:10-11) (Joshua 11:16-23).

When the battles had ceased, there were those like Caleb and the daughters of Manasseh, who had to remind Joshua about God’s specific promises to them (Joshua 14:6-15) (Joshua 17:3-4).

Sometimes we expect God to drop the promises He has given us into our laps on a silver platter with absolutely no effort of our own. This is not how God works!  God does promise to give us the victory, but we must follow His direction in obedience and trust.  We have to do our part in fighting for, in claiming and in obtaining our promises.

Are there promises God has given you and brought you to that you have yet to take hold of?

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