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This scripture is one that I would probably label as my life scripture.  The presence of the eagle and the lessons from this scripture seem to have followed me everywhere I’ve gone; even before I fully realized it.

  • For instance, my high school mascot was the eagle.
  • Then, after rebelling through my teen years and turning away from the Lord; when I eventually rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized, it was at a church named Eagles Nest.
  • The memorial card at my dad’s funeral displayed this scripture on the inside (I’ve often wondered if perhaps this was also his favorite scripture).
  • On Father’s Day, the year following his funeral; a song, based on this scripture, was sung during praise and worship at church.  God comforted me and reminded me that He was my Heavenly Father and that He was with me even though my dad wasn’t.
  • Eleven years later, shortly after a hurtful divorce, this same song (now outdated within the church) was again randomly sung on my birthday (which happened to fall on a Sunday) by the pastor who happened to feel led to sing this old song; it was as though the Lord was wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Not only has this scripture been (and continues to be) a special intimate way that the Lover of my soul uses to tell me He loves me, it also carries deep revelation with great life lessons that can be regularly considered and used by everyone.

Please see posts titled Soar Like an Eagle (Part 1) and (Part 2) for more on waiting on the Lord and the wonderful lessons to be learned from the majestic eagle.

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