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This blog-site is based on the premise of two scriptures:

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope (wait on, trust) in the LORD will renew their strength. They will SOAR on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Habakkuk 2:2

Then the LORD replied: “Write down the vision/revelation and make it plain on tablets so that the reader may run with it…”


A surprising and previously unknown fact; the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.

Read, Receive, Run

My prayer for you is that you will read the blogs, that you will receive new revelations, and that you will run with them in the race of life that is set before you...and soar...

Close your eyes and spread out your arms as you imagine... For just a second... That you're an eagle...

Soaring... Soaring... High above the clouds and mountains... As the wind carries you in complete trust and freedom...
As you glide powerfully through the skies with all your hurt, pain and worries far beneath you.

This is what God's revelations (light-bulb moments) do for us! Whether they come through His written Word (Logos) or through specific personal words (Rhema); His revelations bring us closer to Him, as all other things fade away. This site is dedicated to the task of helping you soar higher in revelation.


Soar higher in revelation as you read, receive and run with the revelations of God's Word that the Holy Spirit has unveiled. Feel free to share your thoughts/comments.

Michele's Manna

Michele's Manna
This page is dedicated to sharing with you the bits of manna that I collect; as the Lord so graciously provides. May you find food and nourishment for your spirit-man as you nibble on Michele’s Manna!

Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray
We have access to power, folks! Unfortunately, though, very few ever tap into this power because they refuse to take time to pray. Just do it!! Learn to pray Jesus' Way!
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